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fraisr offers the first and only plug & play cause marketing tool for online-shops. It enables you as a shop-owner to easily host distinct charity-sales right in your own shop.

Do good and sell better

Improving your commercial offering with a direct social impact is a proven way to boost conversion rates, customer loyalty, word of mouth and brand recognition among an audience that is increasingly aware and demanding of merchants’ social profiles.

No paperwork or coding required

Setting up the required sponsoring deals has so far been a bureaucratic headache for all parties involved. Now, with fraisr setting up charity-sales is only a matter of a few clicks. There is no extra paperwork or coding required.

your partners

fraisr gives you immediate access to the most renown charities in Germany and the UK, so you can start your charity sales right away.

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What do you get from our plug & play cause marketing tool?


fraisr offers a distinct differentiator that caters to a concious Zeitgeist, improving conversion, basket size, talkability and repeat purchases.


fraisr lets you decide in real-time which cause to support, how much to donate and how long to run a campaign – without individual sponsoring- deals or long-term NGO contracts and obligations.


The fraisr plugin introduces you to a new and growing group of charity supporters and socially aware consumers.

fraisr is a clear value-add to your marketing mix. And it is efficient, with mostly performance-based cost. fraisr charges a low monthly subscription fee of EUR 25.00 and a success-based commission of 4%. That’s it.


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About fraisr

fraisr is a Startup from Berlin that operates at the intersection of Commerce and Cause. We develop innovative software solutions that drive the connection between brands & shops, charities and the ever growing number of conscious consumers. fraisr currently offers two products:


Our plugin is the first plug&play solution for cause marketing, allowing you as a shop-owner to host charity sales right in your shop.

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Visit our marketplace and discover both new and preloved articles and help support your favorite causes with part of the proceeds.

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fraisr was founded by Alex Schwaderer, Lukas C. Fischer and Oskar Volkland in 2012 and is run by
a strong team, committed to establish fraisr as the #1 go-to solution for Commerce with a Cause:

Alex Schwaderer

Alex Schwaderer

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Marketing & Strategy

Oskar Volkland

Oskar Volkland

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Finance & Operations


fraisr Gmbh

Schlesische Straße 26
10997 Berlin

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Managing Directors: Alex Schwaderer, Oskar Volkland
Trade Register: Berlin Charlottenburg HRB 143347 B
Tax Identification Number: DE 284 616 637